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Report of training within the project " Deepening of cooperation in bioactive compounds research" (BIOCOM)


Name of trainees:                                                          Prof. Ing. Jana Hajšlová, CSc., doc. Ing. Milena Stránská, PhD.

Home Institution:                                                          University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT Prague)
                                                                                               Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
                                                                                               Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition

Address of home institution:                                    Technická 3
                                                                                               Prague 6 Dejvice
                                                                                               166 28
                                                                                               Czech Republic

Name of supervisor in the home institution:     Prof. Ing. Jana Hajšlová, CSc.

Visited project partner:                                                UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

Address of project partner:                                         UiT Norges arktiske universitet
                                                                                                 Postboks 6050 Langnes
                                                                                                 9037 Tromsø

Name of supervisor in the project partner:          Prof. Klara Stensvåg

Actual period of visit:                                                     April 23 – April 26, 2017


Short summary of the training

The travel to Tromso realized within the project “Deepening of cooperation in bioactive compounds research” was undertaken between April 23rd and April 26th 2017.

On Monday (April 24th) prof. Jana Hajslova, Ph.D. and assoc. prof. Milena Stranska, Ph.D. (University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague) had a meeting with Marek Cuhra, Ph.D. (Institute of Marine Research, Tromso). Possibilities of future collaboration focused mainly on bioprospecting of marine organisms, and utilization of antimicrobial compounds in medical applications were discussed.

The next day (April 25th), prof. Jana Hajslova, Ph.D. and assoc. prof. Milena Stranska, Ph.D. were invited to UiT The Arctic University of Norway, where a common brainstorming seminar focused predominantly on identification of common scientific topics (manly within HORIZON 2020) was organized. The main Norwegian scientists participating on the seminar were prof. Klara Stenswag and prof. Ragnar Olsen (the complete list of participants is available). Additionally to this, also collaboration of both Universities at the educational level (e.g. within ERASMUS program), and creation of common Ph.D. study program, were outlined. The communications will go on continuously, between the respective responsible persons or university departments.

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